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Best Christian Wedding Processional Songs

Dec 08, 2014
Planning a wedding can be a huge time-consuming commitment. Everything from flowers to clothes to food and more - so many details to keep up with....

Top Ten Songs About Jesus

Dec 08, 2014
I know what you're thinking. Aren't all Christian songs about Jesus? Mostly, yes. But some are about finding Him, some are about needing Him, some...

George W. Bush: Bio, Christian Faith and Quotes

Dec 08, 2014
All of you are aware of who George W. Bush is. If not, I’m a little worried! He was the President of the United States right before Obama took...

7 Stars In Christian Music With Unique Backgrounds

Dec 07, 2014
The Christian music industry has exploded with new artists and older artists with new variations of music. Some artists, like Colton Dixon, have...

My Top Ten Favorite Christmas Songs

Dec 07, 2014
Growing up, my Mom started playing her Christmas music sometime around late September. Before we'd even decided what our Halloween costumes would...

Alice Cooper: Bio & Christian Faith

Dec 06, 2014
Many people will recognize the name Alice Cooper, especially those of an older generation. Becoming a pioneer in Rock and Roll music, Cooper...

Bubba Watson: Bio, Christian Faith and Quotes

Dec 06, 2014
Bubba Watson is a professional golfer. If you aren’t an avid golf fan, that’s okay—you still probably heard his name come through ESPN every now...

5 Life Lessons To Learn From God’s Not Dead

Dec 06, 2014
The Christian movie, God’s Not Dead, garnered a decent amount of attention for a lower budget, Christian produced film. Churches throughout the...

Top 10 Bible Verses About Art With Commentary

Dec 05, 2014
Art has been a part of human history since the beginning. It has been used to express how we feel, documentation of historical events, and to...

10 Fun and Interesting Christian Entertainment Facts

Dec 05, 2014
Christian movies, books, music and festivals make up the growing industry of Christian entertainment. Some people view entertainment as a...


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