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9 Famous Christian Actors

Jan 01, 2013
Hollywood is a place that you would not typically identify with the Christian faith. There are many more films and actors or actresses that do not...

As I Lay Dying Songs: 10 Best

Dec 30, 2012
As I Lay Dying is one of the top metal bands of today.  They have released 6 studio albums and they keep getting better.  They were founded in San...

Highest Grossing Christian Movies: Top 13 of All Time

Dec 28, 2012
Christian movies no matter how great we in the community think they are will always have trouble becoming a mainstream box office success.  So...

Best NEEDTOBREATHE Songs: Top Ten of All Time

Dec 22, 2012
NEEDTOBREATHE is one of the hottest Christian music groups going today. They have a very unique and distinct sound.  It’s hard not to know when it...

8 Popular Christian Praise Songs

Dec 20, 2012
I am so glad to be alive in the era of praise music that is being written today. There are so many songs that have touched the hearts of many that...

Songs About Peace: 8 Great Christian Songs

Dec 19, 2012
As Christians we know that the only time that we will have true peace on earth is when Jesus, the Prince of Peace returns to set up His kingdom. ...

12 Awesome Tim Tebow Quotes

Dec 16, 2012
Tim Tebow is a cultural phenemonon garnering attention around the globe.  “Tebowing”  became a craze two football seasons ago and although not...

Best 10 Skillet Songs of All Time

Dec 15, 2012
Skillet is one of the most unique and talented Christian bands today.  They incorporate rock music, with some heavy riffs and beautiful vocal...

Top 10 Sanctus Real Songs Of All Time

Dec 12, 2012
There are so many great bands that are already established in their careers and it seems every time you turn around a new band has arrived on the...

My 5 Favorite Books of the Bible

Dec 11, 2012
The Bible is the most influential book that any Christian will ever read.  It is the living Word of God breathed out by God. (2 Timothy 3:16)  It...


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