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10 Best Family Action Movies of All Time

Sep 29, 2014
Action movies are usually the most sought after films. Whether it be from the explosions, the gun fights, or the car chases, we are very easily...

10 Powerful Quotes From The Movie Facing The Giants

Sep 24, 2014
Football and faith have often been tied together. It might seem odd, especially for a violent sport, but players often need a Christian-like faith,...

Top 10 Francesca Battistelli Songs

Sep 22, 2014
Francesca Battistelli is an amazing singer and songwriter. She is signed to Fervent Records and has release 4 studio albums with them, one being a...

Dolphin Tale 2: The Movie That Was Meant To Be

Sep 11, 2014
Those involved in the making of 2011’s Dolphin Tale knew they were involved in a special project, even though they did not anticipate how well it...

Top 10 Christmas Movies

Sep 11, 2014
Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year!  Spending time watching movies with my kids while sipping on hot cocoa with marshmallows is some of...

Russell Wilson: Bio, Christian Faith and Quotes

Sep 08, 2014
If you didn’t know Russell Wilson months ago, I’m sure you’re at least vaguely familiar with him now. As Quarterback of the Superbowl winning...

Best Petra Songs Top 10 of All Time

Sep 06, 2014
Petra first debuted in 1970’s and focused strictly on Christian rock music. Rock bands were numerous in the 70’s and 80’s, but no other Christian...

7 Surprising Countries With High Populations of Christians

Sep 04, 2014
What countries come to mind when you think about the ones that have the highest population of Christians? Being from the United States, it’s easier...

Introducing Blake Rayne From The Identical

Sep 03, 2014
When Blake Rayne entered an Elvis Presley impersonation contest, he never dreamed that it would be the start of a career that someday would lead...

Josh Hamilton: Bio, Christian Faith, and Quotes

Sep 03, 2014
Everyone loves a good redemption story; Josh Hamilton is just that. His story gives hope to those who have seemingly lost it, as well as being a...


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