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Black Ops 2 Review: Great For Adults Not Kids

Dec 10, 2012
The Call of Duty franchise has stood the test of time by developing games year after year that have seemingly surpassed the previous year’s...

5 Must See Christian Movies

Dec 09, 2012
God could certainly be considered the best story teller of all time.  He has left us with the king of books "The Holy Christian Bible" which...

Southern Gospel Songs: Top 10 List

Dec 06, 2012
No doubt Southern Gospel is one of my favorite genres of music. Southern Gospel got its start in what we know as the “Bible belt” in the...

Dead Space 2 Review: Not Family Friendly

Dec 05, 2012
Are you considering purchasing Dead Space 2? Please read this review carefully before you spend the money. Summary Dead Space 2 is an...

Top 10 Christian Rock or Metal Songs

Dec 01, 2012
Christian rock or metal music has had a massive effect on my life.  The lyrics are completely Christian centered even when they might not sound...

Christian Radio Songs:Top Ten Of 2012

Dec 01, 2012
2012 has been another big year for the success and growth of modern Christian music.  Here is a list of the top songs of this last year and the...

Famous Christian Athletes: Top 11 All-Time Counted Down

Nov 29, 2012
In a time when the press tends to focus on all of the negative attributes in professional sports it is nice to reflect on the great Christian...


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