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The Good Lie: Trailer Sneak Peak

Aug 15, 2014
The Good Lie starring Academy Award Winner Reese Witherspoon is set for release on October 3, 2014.  This film is the story of a Sudanese refugee...

Peyton Manning : Christian Faith and Quotes

Aug 11, 2014
Christianity is relevant, even if people don’t believe it is. Even when a person does not believe in the Word of God, they still might exhibit some...

10 Animated Movies That Your Kids Shouldn’t Watch

Aug 09, 2014
In their young age, kids are extremely moldable. They will likely imitate whatever they see in front of them; parents, siblings, and yes even those...

20 Great Quotes About Faith in Movies

Aug 07, 2014
Faith always seems to be on the mind of many people, whether they understand what it is or not. In numerous movies, and even books for that matter,...

Kevin Durant: Faith, Bio and Quotes

Aug 05, 2014
Sports are a major part of our culture in America–football (American), golf, baseball, and basketball. Many various versions of basketball have...

5 Great Christian Movies on Amazon Prime

Aug 03, 2014
Have you checked out Amazon Prime yet? The service was first introduced in limited form in 2005 in certain countries. It now offers members free...

10 Clean Songs To Play At A Christian School Dance

Jul 22, 2014
In my high school years I have some great memories of my school dances, but to be honest I have some not so great memories too when it came to some...

10 Good Christian Songs For The Broken Hearted

Jul 21, 2014
Having your heart broken is very difficult to go through without Christ in your life. With Christ in your life it is easier to understand that He...

10 Christian Songs For Mission Trips

Jul 20, 2014
There are two proven methods for having a successful mission trip: 1.) Putting your relationship with God as your number one priority 2.) Creating...

Christian Songs By Plumb: Top 10 List

Jul 13, 2014
Plumb is absolutely one of the best Christian artists out there. Her voice is captivating and her lyrics are deep and from the heart. She is an...


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