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10 Songs of Worship & Encouragement Moms Will Love

Apr 28, 2015

Being called “Mommy”, “Mama” and “Mom” is a huge blessing, but it’s also filled with feeling like your are at the circus during dinner with early mornings and scary dreams in the night. Yes, God chose you for this monumental task that’s filled with immeasurable blessings through unexpected hugs, big smiles that don’t need words and “Mom, you’re the best” at least a few times over 18 years. So, how do you handle getting through the rough and demanding moments? Turn to God! Worship Him for giving you these difficult times and always seeing you through. Then, ask for help. He always provides. Maybe it’s a hug attack from two kids or an encouraging song that comes on the radio cutting through the noise or the kids letting you sleep in.

Here are 10 songs of worship and encouragement you will love as a mom when you just need a moment alone after your sweet daughter spilled your coffee. Make it easy and check out this list on Spotify.

10. “Stars In The Night” by Tenth Avenue North

Do you feel like you are chasing toys, laundry, cooking and cleaning up messes wondering what you are trying to accomplish? Taking care of a family is not a simple task and you need help to succeed, which is where God is waiting to lead you.

Favorite Lyrics

We’re running to you
On fire from the mercy in your eyes
And through the dark
Singing we are yours
Your love will lead us through the fight
Like stars in the night
Stars in the night
Stars in the night
Lead us through the fight

9. “Lord, I’m Ready Now” by Plumb

Being a mom can be exhausting and it’s easy to pour an extra cup of coffee or deplete your chocolate stash, but I guarantee that God is the only one who can truly refuel you! The job description of a mom may change, but weariness, exhaustion, doubt and endless needs to meet just transform over time. God chose you to be the mom to your children because He knew you were the best person for the job.

Favorite Lyrics

Oh Lord I'm ready now
All the walls are down
Time is running out
And I wanna make this count
I ran away from you
And did what I wanted to
But I don't wanna let you down
Oh Lord I'm ready now
Lord I'm ready now

8. “Flawless” by MercyMe

Motherhood has a way of bringing out the flaws we see in ourselves. You know, the extra five pounds your four year old pointed out? The lunch you forgot pack – man, it’s hard to remember anything! Oh and the pressure you put on yourself to make everything homemade – birthday cakes, holiday cards, crafts for when your kid’s friends come over. Unrealistic expectations can leave you feeling like a failure. Jesus already won the battle and has all of our flaws (or those we think we have) covered.

Favorite Lyrics

Then Like a hero who takes the stage when 
We’re on the edge of our seats saying it’s too late 
Well let me introduce you to amazing grace 

7. “Power To Redeem” by Lauren Daigle

A mom is powerful. She has the power to make cuts and bruises feel better just with a kiss and hug. She has the power to make big fears disappear. She has the power to transform a horrible day into the best day ever by simply sharing in her laughter. Moms are gifts from God, as are dads, and they give us a glimpse of God’s love for His children. A mom can help you redeem the day even after the dog made a chew toy trail through the house, the dryer broke leaving wet socks, your son puked on the way to school and you still have to make cookies for the dinner at church tonight.

Favorite Lyrics

You take what is
And you make it beautiful
When love floods in,
We're resorted forever more

6. “Holy Spirit” by Francesca Battistelli

If you ever find yourself in a situation with your children that you don’t know how to fix, allow the Holy Spirit to enclose you. You will be filled with peace knowing that the screaming child will calm down, tomorrow will be filled with fewer battles and your teenager will meet curfew tonight. Moms often carry many burdens alone that can be fully given over to God. You are doing a great job – now let God handle it.

Favorite Lyrics

Holy Spirit, You are welcome here
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere
Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for
To be overcome by Your presence, Lord

5. “Touch The Sky” by Hillsong UNITED

So many moms would give their life to save their children. It’s a reflection of Christ’s love for us – deep, indescribable and never ending. This feeling of love for your little tribe reinforces why you keep striving to be the mom that God created you to be, yes, even with dishes in the sink and a science fair project half complete.

Favorite Lyrics

Find me here at Your feet again
Everything I am, reaching out, I surrender
Come sweep me up in Your love again
And my soul will dance
On the wings of forever

4. “More Than You Think I Am” by Danny Gokey

A mom takes care of a lot – as do dads – but many of the tasks completed go unnoticed until they are left undone. You receive evaluations constantly by kids throwing food on the floor, complaining their clothes are uncool and they can’t find their favorite blanket, which happens to be in the laundry. You are everywhere and everything to your family moms. God sees what you do and loves how you take care of His children.

Favorite Lyrics

I'm more than you dreamed
More than you understand
Your days and your times
Were destined for our dance
I catch all your tears
Burn your name on my heart
Be still and trust my plan
I'm more than you think I am
More than you think I am

3. “My Anchor” by Christy Nockels

A mom is the anchor in her kids’ world. She keeps them on schedule, makes sure they are fed and clean and even have fun. Moms often put more pressure than they should on themselves and may even question whether they are doing a good job. Let “My Anchor” encourage you that you are your child’s rock, especially through the little years.

Favorite Lyrics

My anchor forever

My shelter within the storm

You’re my deliverer

You never falter

Because you’re the rock that I stand on

2. “Who I Am” by Blanca

It’s amazing how the lack of sleep can lead you to questioning everything about yourself and what you are doing! Listen for God’s truth about who He thinks you are instead of the judgmental or shaming thoughts that come as darts to bring you down.

Favorite Lyrics

Am I strong 
Am I good enough
Do I belong
After all
That I've said and done
Is it real
When I feel
I don't measure up
Am I loved

1. “Through All Of It” by Colton Dixon

Being a mom is a highly demanding job, often with your own expectations keeping the bar higher than it should. You laugh, cry, worry, stress, throw your hands up. You can’t give your two-week notice (as much as you might threaten it) and God uses motherhood to train and teach you to carry out responsibilities you may feel unqualified for. Remember, He chose you.

Favorite Lyrics

I have won and I have lost
I got it right sometimes
But sometimes I did not
Life's been a journey
I've seen joy, I've seen regret
Oh and You have been my God
Through all of it
Through all of it

These songs are a reminder that you can have an absolutely beautify and perfect day when God is charging before you and helping with each battle that comes. It’s perfect because what’s happening is exactly what God intended to happen as you witness the will, independence and gentleness that comes out in such unique ways in your children. Turn up the music, pour some coffee and worship God proudly because He chose YOU to be an all star mom.

Check out the Playlists below!

Article by Elise Cleary

I am a Christian writer and editor that lives in northern Michigan and thoroughly enjoy music, movies, TV shows, books and other entertainment with a Christian focus. My favorite song is "Oceans" by Hillsong United because it reminds me that has big plans for me and everyone else who puts their trust in Him. There are many movies that have impacted my life, but a few include God's Not Dead, The Shunning and Letters to God. When I'm not writing I enjoy watching movies and laughing with my busy toddler and husband. 



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