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5 Bible Stories That Should Be Made Into Movies And Who Should Play The Leads

Jul 05, 2014

The book of Joshua would make for an epic, action packed movie. And, who better to play a movie with a lot of battles than Dwayne Johnson.

Biblically based and inspired movies have become more and more popular in the last few years. With films like Noah, The Son of God, and others, society has started to see the Bible come up in conversations more often. For the most part, it appears that Christians are finally making a splash when it comes to Hollywood. Certainly, there are people who do not like the Bible being made into films, but when all is said and done the recent surge of biblical movies have created more opportunities for conversations with non-believers, and in many ways have sparked new evangelism methods. With that being said, here are five bible stories that should be made into movies and who should play the lead roles.

5. Mila Kunis – Ruth

Mila Kunis would be an appropriate lead actress for a movie on the book of Ruth, not only for her acting skills, but for her Jewish background. She has the look that one might expect from a Ruth-like figure, while also being known as an attractive actress. Although she is known for playing some rough-and-tough comedic roles on film, she can definitely elicit raw emotion and powerful acting skills when needed—and with a movie based on Ruth, that would certainly be needed!

4. Russell Crowe – David in 2 Samuel 9

In 2 Samuel 9, King David searches out a descendant of Saul in order to show kindness for his friend Jonathan’s sake. Eventually he finds Jonathan’s lame son, Mephibosheth, and brings him home to sit at his royal table continually. Now, despite already being Noah in a recent film, Russell Crowe would make an excellent King David. He has played in roles that required him to be tough, muscular, and brazen—like in Gladiator and Noah—but he also possesses a unique ability to captivate people with his oratorical skills, which is something a King would definitely need!

3. Dwayne Johnson – Joshua

The book of Joshua would make for an epic, action packed movie. And, who better to play a movie with a lot of battles than Dwayne Johnson. Granted, he is known for resurrecting franchises more than creating his own original blockbusters (like in The Mummy and The Fast and the Furious), but he could definitely start breaking onto the solo projects with Hercules. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has become a highly sought after actor, so it would be great to see him play a role like Joshua—which would require fighting, muscles, and courage—everything Johnson has!

2. Hugh Jackman – Gideon

Just like the book of Joshua, the story of Gideon (found in the book of Judges) would be an action packed movie with ample amounts of fighting, but it would also be great to see Hugh Jackman’s emotion spill onto the character of Gideon. After all, Gideon must have been very shocked when God commanded him to keep limiting the amount of soldiers he had. Yes, Jackman is known for his role as Wolverine, while sporting a very muscular body, but he can certainly act outside of his comfort zones, too. After all, he was in Les Miserables!

1. Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth – Adam and Eve

Having worked together previously, Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth would be able to kick-start a romantic movie based on Adam and Eve quite easily. Both actors give a real and raw feeling to their roles. Neither of them are out of shape, by any means, but they aren’t necessarily the most buff or ripped actors out there either. Thus, the two of them would make for a pretty awesome, Adam and Eve love story. However, the only way a movie like this would work is if they expanded it to include Cain and Abel and some of the pain that Adam and Eve must have felt. With that in mind, the story would be very powerful on film—the fall from grace, murder, envy, etc.


Most likely, if any of these movies were going to be a reality with these stars playing the lead roles, they would be a bit off base and not entirely accurate to the Scriptures. When all is said and done, Hollywood versions (especially when big named stars are involved) will change many parts of the story in order to, not only make it more palatable, but to create a better film story. After all, even bestselling books get changed when they are pushed onto the big screen, and it’s no different with the Bible.

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