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7 Great Christian Ministries Active in Michigan

Nov 25, 2014

Living in Michigan I have had the opportunity to learn about and witness many great Christian ministries. There are many based where I live in Traverse City, Michigan, but also numerous organizations bringing people to Christ by building homes, ending domestic violence, teaching prisoners about Christ and spreading God’s love overseas. If you think you need help, please contact one of these organizations because God is chasing after you and wants to raise you above your circumstances.

Here are seven great Christian ministries active in Michigan.

Alpha Prison Ministries

Alpha Prison Ministries is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but they serve prisoners in many locations throughout the state. They minister to prisoners by conducting one-on-one Bible studies with inmates, operating the Alpha House facilities helping men integrate back into society and providing mentors to former inmates in order to develop Christian character and life skills. The ministry began in 1983 and their main goal is to help prisoners learn about Christ and heal from their past. Find out more about Alpha Prison Ministries at

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries

As one of the longest standing ministries in Michigan, Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries was formed in 1904 and provides services throughout the Detroit area. This includes providing food and shelter to people in need, fighting homelessness and helping individuals overcome substance addition. They are recognized by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARGF) and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. They are also members of both the Association of Gospel Rescue Ministries and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Visit their website from to learn more.

 His House Christian Fellowship

Eleven college campuses across Michigan have an on-campus ministry group called His House Christian Fellowship. This is an outreach program on college campuses that was first started in 1969 when elders at the University Church in East Lansing – near Michigan State University – began realizing that the spiritual needs of college students were not always being met. His House Christian Fellowship has a minister present on each college campus that builds relationships with students and helps meet their needs. Students are offered opportunities for fellowship, mission trips and guidance in transitioning to college. Learn more about His House Christian Fellowship by visiting

Open Hearts Ministry

Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Open Hearts Ministry works to help people find healing and grow closer to God. They train people around the world through a program call The Journey. Once a leader goes through training, they experience healing and deepen their relationship with God and begin helping others in a 12-week journey. The program was originally designed to help women, but they realized the concepts for healing are rich for everyone. Overall, they help engage people in recovery and restoration. Check out their website to learn more about The Journey program

 1:17 Center for Global Adoption

Do you know someone who has gone through an international adoption? The process is challenging, especially working with third-world countries. Attorneys Eric W. Phelps, M.A., J.D. and Morgan G. Shier B.A., J.D. in Traverse City, Michigan started 1:17 Center for Global Adoption to assist families through this process and provide legal support. Eric and his wife adopted two girls from China and Morgan and her husband adopted infant twins from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The process is personal and challenging, but God has prevailed every step of the way. Learn more about 1:17 Center for Global Adoption

Michigan Abolitionist Project (MAP)

The Michigan Abolitionist Project (MAP) works with many different types of people in helping to end slavery. Slavery today is different and not always recognized as slavery. MAP meets sex slavery and labor trafficking head on, and yes, this is prevalent around the country and happening in many communities throughout Michigan. They connect with and support sex trafficking organizations throughout the state and focus on three specific areas, including community engagement, training and creative initiatives to end sex trafficking. Visit their website if you would like to learn more about getting involved

Dégagé Ministries

Dégagé Ministries serves between 400 – 500 individuals in Grand Rapids and the surrounding area each day. They offer low-cost and free meals, assist the homeless and disadvantaged, operate a hygiene facility, help individuals complete forms and obtain employment through their resource office and apply for a state ID card and birth certificates through their ID office. They also operate the Open Door Women’s Center, which welcomes adult women going through a crisis during the middle of the night. Another unique program at Dégagé Ministries is called Dégagé Dollars. Patrons can use this money and community members can purchase $2 vouchers to help buy a meal or service for someone in need. The staff helps women find long-term housing. Visit to learn about how you can help!

These seven Christian ministries make a huge impact within their local communities and are examples of how God is using people to show love, grace and care to countless individuals who are hurting. What are other great Christian ministries you love located or based in Michigan?



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