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Great Christian Songs Sung By Alan Jackson

Aug 20, 2014

"Alan Jackson has had an amazing career and he has connected with people of all walks of life."

As a tomboy growing up in the country, I listened to a lot of music by Alan Jackson – well, anything from earlier than the mainstream hip hop and rock music of the 90’s thanks to my dad as we cruised over some dusty dirt roads. Oh and the radio was nearly always turned to an AM station. I didn’t think I could survive hearing The Rest of the Story by Paul Harvey one more time as a teen, but I do cherish the memory of chanting the phrase with my brother as my dad silently laughed. There were a lot of old country tunes mixed – I always thought he played AM stations because they were clean, but it’s really because that’s what he grew up with and loved. This introduced me to countless Alan Jackson songs from “Remember When” to “Gone Country” to “Country Boy”. I didn’t think about this until I was older, but many of his songs would be considered Christian country songs by today’s standards.

Here are just a few great Christian songs sung by Alan Jackson.

“Livin’ On Love” by Alan Jackson

This song is so rich in telling a true love story who weren’t rich by the world’s standards, but had all of God’s love in their relationship.

Favorite Lyrics

Livin' on love, buyin' on time

Without somebody nothing ain't worth a dime

Just like an old fashion story book rhyme

Livin' on love

It sounds simple, that's what you're thinkin'

But love can walk through fire without blinkin'

It doesn't take much when you get enough

Livin' on love

“Remember When” by Alan Jackson

I always imagined an elderly couple looking back in time at the long life they lived – not a perfect life, but one full of timeless memories. This song reminds me of the ups and downs all Christians face through life.

Favorite Lyrics

Remember when the sound of little feet

was the music

We danced to week to week

Brought back the love, we found trust

Vowed we'd never give it up

Remember when

“Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)” by Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson wrote this as a tribute to the lives lost on September 11, 2001. People felt many mixed emotions that day. This song covers so much of what people felt and did, including reflecting on God’s blessings.


Favorite Lyrics

I'm just a singer of simple songs

I'm not a real political man

I watch CNN but I'm not sure I can tell

You the difference in Iraq and Iran

But I know Jesus and I talk to God

And I remember this from when I was young

Faith, hope and love are some good things He gave us

And the greatest is love


“Small Town Southern Man” by Alan Jackson

Life seems a lot less hectic when you are in a small country town and I think this is because people have to work so hard. Older people who lived a simple farm life tend to have a greater appreciation for life and Alan Jackson’s song “Small Town Southern Man” talks about the hard work, simple ways and importance of a country man.

Favorite Lyrics

Finally death came callin'

For this small town Southern man

He said it's alright 'cause I see angels

And they got me by the hand

Don't you cry, and don't you worry

I'm blessed, and I know I am

'Cause God has a place in Heaven

For a small town Southern man

“Home” by Alan Jackson

Marriage is so different today than it was 40 years ago and Alan Jackson talks about the commitment of two people in love who started out on little to nothing. They lived a good moral life and loved God and that’s what was remembered and cherished.


Favorite Lyrics

And they made their house from a tool shed

Grandaddy rolled out on two logs

And they built walls all around it

And they made that house a home

And they taught us 'bout good living

And taught us right from wrong

Lord, there'll never be another place

In this world that I'll call home

My mama raised five children

Four girls, and there was me

She found her strength in faith of God

And a love of family

Alan Jackson has had an amazing career and he has connected with people of all walks of life. You can’t deny his music is good ol’ country, but the lyrics in many of the songs lay out life for what it was and you can paint a clear picture of what’s important to him and what life was like growing up. In 2012 he re-released his gospel album Precious Memories with favorites like “Softly and Tenderly,” “I’ll Fly Away,” “The Old Rugged Cross,” “I Love To Tell The Story” and “Standing On The Promises.” What are your favorite Alan Jackson songs?

Resources- Youtube, photo credit: Joe Bielawa via photopin cc



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