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Top 10 Veggie Tales Songs

Jun 28, 2014

Veggie Tales have impacted the world for many years now and writing this article was so much fun! If you have young children than I recommend Veggie Tales for sure! The stories always have a good message and the silly songs within each episode are so hilarious! With that being said, it was hard to leave some songs out but these are my top 10 Veggie Tales Songs to date and the DVD you can find them on. I’ll include one of my favorite, funny lines from each song as well. Enjoy!

10. The Hairbrush Song, Are You My Neighbor?

This is the most popular song from Veggie Tales and it was the first one I actually heard. Larry is lamenting throughout the song trying to find his hairbrush.

Junior Asparagus – “Why do you need a hairbrush? You don’t have any hair!”

Larry – “No hair for my hairbrush. No hair for my hairbrush. No hair, no hair, nowhere, no hair, no hair, no hair, nowhere back there, no hair…for my hairbrush”

9. I Love My Duck, King George And The Ducky

In this one, Larry does not want to give his ducky away. In fact he wants to steal a ducky from a poor young boy.

“Some kings love horses and some kings love cattle. Some kings love leading their troops into battle. But me, I’m not like that. I find that stuff yucky. I’d much rather stay in my tub with my ducky.”

8. The Yodeling Veterinarian Of The Alps, The End Of The Silliness?

This one is pretty funny as the Larry the veterinarian sings and yodels to the different patients that come into his office.

“This is a song for your bear trapped teddy. He looks un-comfy, think I’d be too. But if I sing to your bear trapped teddy, he will feel better in a day or two.”

7. The Water Buffalo Song, Where Is God When I’m S-Scared?

This is the very first silly song ever made for Veggie Tales and it is quite funny! Apparently we all have water buffalos!

“Everybody’s got a water buffalo. Yours is fast but mine is slow. Oh where’d we get them I don’t know, but everybody’s got a water buffalo.”

6. The Dance Of The Cucumber, Dave And The Giant Pickle

I love this one because Larry keeps picking on Bob the tomato saying things like he can’t dance or sing. Except Larry is singing in Spanish so Bob, as the interpreter, has to repeat everything Larry says in English. So funny!

“Look at the tomato. Isn’t it sad? He can’t dance. Poor tomato. He wishes he could dance like the cucumber, free and smooth, but he can’t.”

“Ok, stop the music!”

5. The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

This is one of the most popular songs from Veggie Tales. If you haven’t watched “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” you’ve probably heard this song elsewhere.

“We are the pirates who don’t do anything. We just stay at home and lie around. And if you ask us to do anything, we’ll just tell you we don’t do anything.”

4. I Love My Lips, Dave And The Giant Pickle

In this one Larry is at his psychiatrist’s office talking about life when Larry decides to let the doctor know something new about himself. He loves his lips!

“If my lips said ‘Adios, I don’t like you, I think you’re gross’, that’d be too bad. I might get mad.”

3. Endangered Love (Barbara Manatee), King George And The Ducky

Larry holds tight to his Barbara manatee toy while he enjoys his soap opera. During the show Larry dances around singing his love to Barbara, all the while nervously wondering what will happen between her and Bill on the program. Will she learn how to speak French? Will Bill take her to the ball? Listen and find out!

“Barbara manatee, you are the one for me. Sent from up above, you are the one I love.”

2. Where Have All The Staplers Gone, 'Pistachio - The Little Boy That Woodn't

This is a hilarious Broadway tune sung by Larry and Petunia about their lost office supplies.

“Where have all the staplers gone? What happened to our paper clips? The ball point pens are gone again. They’re gone again! We’ve run out of packing slips.”

1. Belly Button, The Ballad Of Little Joe

This is the funniest Veggie Tales song ever! Join the gang as they suit up to look like the Backstreet Boys and NSync, hence their group is called “Boyz in the Sink”! So funny! Here is the first verse and chorus.

Verse 1

Mr. Lunt: (singing) Baby, I know your eyes see right through my disguise.

Boyz: And no one can deny.

Mr. Lunt: Baby, that I'm the one whose love is no surprise.

Boyz: And he can't tell you no lie.

Mr. Lunt: But there's a secret I've been hidin', I can't keep it no more.

Boyz: There's this thing about himself he's never told you before!

Mr. Lunt: Baby!


Boyz: He needs to tell you something!

Mr. Lunt: I don't got a bellybutton!

Boyz: Bell-y-but-ton!

Mr. Lunt: Oh, I need to tell you something!

Boyz: Have you figured out? He don't got a bellybutton!

Mr. Lunt & Boyz: Bellybutton, no! Oh, no no!


These are my top 10 Veggie Tales songs. They are all so funny and if you haven’t heard some of these, you should definitely check them out! If you have young kids, listen to these songs with them and have a good laugh! If you don’t want to buy the shows to listen, check out the “VeggieTales Official” page on YouTube. You should be able to find them all on it! Let us know what some of your favorites are in the comments below! God bless!

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