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Top 15 Family Movies From The 90’s

May 30, 2014

Growing up in the 90’s many movies were introduced. Of those movies several remain which are family friendly. Family friendly movies are easy to watch as a family and can be used as teaching curriculum within a family unit. If you haven’t seen all of the movies on this list of the “Top 15 Family Movies From The 90’s”:

15. Flubber

On November 26, 1997 another great Robin Williams movie was released. Flubber (PG) is 93 minutes of pure fun as an estranged college professor creates “flubber”. Flubber is a super-bouncy substance that is given character traits which make this a movie for the entire family to enjoy.

14. Miracle on 34th Street

Miracles do happen! Miracle on 34th Street (PG) was released in the U.S. on November 18, 1994. The movie follows the life of a little girl named Susan, played by Elizabeth Perkins, who has lost hope in miracles. By the end of the film you have experienced highs and lows with Elizabeth on her journey to find something to believe in.

13. Angels in the Outfield

Do angels have baseball skills? The answer, yes, at least according to the hit 90’s movie Angels in the Outfield (PG). The 102 minute long movie was released on July 15, 1994. The movie gives a unique take on the California Angels. I don’t want to give much away, but basically a boy prays and something incredible happens!

12. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Although this movie may be pushing the envelope for entrance into a list of movies from the 90’s I remember my first viewing of the 1989 release of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (PG) was in the 90’s. Rick Moranis, Matt Frewer, and Marcia Strassman are a few of the actors and actresses who starred in this bigger than life movie. When a scientific father shrinks some teens down to microscopic size the his world gets a lot smaller (while theirs got bigger).

11. Tarzan

Tony Godwyn, Minnie Driver, and Brian Blessed starred as voice actors in the June 18, 1999 release of Tarzan (G). Tarzan is a man who was raised by a pack of gorillas in the wild. Watch this 88 minute film to see if Tarzan will quick monkeying around, or become a man.

10. The Mighty Ducks

“Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Go Ducks!” The Mighty Ducks (PG) released on October 2, 1992 followed Emilo Estevez as a coach who turns a group of misfits into a hockey team of legends. This movie is 100 minutes long and is one the whole family will enjoy. Look out for the sequels as well.

9. A Goofy Movie

We all know Goofy is a Walt Disney character created in 1932. What we may not all know is that Goofy had a son, Max! Follow Max and Goofy as they take a journey toward building their relationship in A Goofy Movie (G). In 78 minutes you’ll laugh, cry and do it all over again as you fall in love with this family.

8. Air Bud

On August 1, 1997 a special dog named Buddy took the scene by storm. Air Bud (PG) is a 98 minute long movie that follows the life of 12-year-old boy, Josh. After Josh tragically loses someone very close to him he confides in his dog as a rebound. Buddy goes on to play basketball alongside Josh.

7. Beethoven

Beethoven is both an eloquent composer of music as well as a slobbery St. Bernard. Beethoven (PG) was released on April 3, 1992. It is 87 minutes long and has stars such as Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt, and Dean Jones. Follow one families journey as they get to know Beethoven (the St. Bernard).

6. Hook

After leaving Neverland, Peter Pan returns home to help the lost boys and rescue his children which Captain Hook kidnapped. Robin Williams plays an older Peter Pan in Hook (PG). Watch this 144 minute film released on December 11, 1991 as it reinvents the classic Peter Pan tale.

5. The Lion King

June 24, 1994 was a very big day for Disney as they released one of the most beloved classic Disney movies The Lion King (G). The movie follows the journey of a lion cub, Simba, to becoming the leader of the pack. Through difficult adventures, Simba finds his way by guidance of a monkey. Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, and James Earl Jones voice act in this 89 minute long Disney classic.

4. Aladdin

Scott Weinger, Robin Williams, and Linda Larkin all had a great year in 92 with the release of Aladdin (G). Aladdin is a middle eastern street urchin who goes undercover to impress the sultan’s daughter, Princess Jasmine. When tension rises you wonder if their love is compromised in this 90 minute movie. Watch out for the comedic genie, a mystical magic carpet and a loving tiger!

3. Fantasia/2000

On November 13, 1940 the original Fantasia movie was released following many popular composers and Disney characters of the time in a creative illustrative musical fashion. In 1999 on December 31, Disney released a reboot of the 1940 classic, Fantasia, calling it Fantasia/2000 (G). The film follows popular stars such as James Levine, Steve Martin, and Leopold Stokowski as it gives interpretations to great classical works of music in 74 minutes.

 2. Toy Story

Toy Story (G) is the first Pixar film created in three-dimensional space. This 81 minute film was released to theaters on November 22, 1995. It follows the “life” of a cowboy doll (played by Tom Hanks) who is replaced by a spaceman action figure (played by Tim Allen). Be sure to enjoy all 81 minutes of this film with your family, your neighbors, and some friends!

1. Space Jam

Michael Jordan had came with the Chicago Bull’s in the 90’s and had game in the hit animated film Space Jam (PG). Although Space Jam may have a smaller known audience it continues to be absolutely cherished by all who watch it. Follow Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes as they have a basketball battle with aliens. Please do enjoy this 88 minute movie as a family.

Although the 90’s may be set in stone there are great family movies that are still released today. Do you have any recommendations for family friendly movies of the 90’s I may have missed?



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