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Why to Send Kids to Bible School

Aug 27, 2013

"There are so many amazing benefits to sending your children to Bible school, which is also called Sunday school.

There are so many amazing benefits to sending your children to Bible school, which is also called Sunday school. At most churches it is a special time for kids to attend classes with others their age for a fun lesson that usually incorporates a Bible story, singing, praying and maybe even a craft. There is not a right or wrong way of how Bible school has to be structured, but it’s assumed that kids will get a meaningful lesson and have fun!

Lately I have noticed troubling statistics on churches declining to offer Bible school and parents deciding not to bring their kids. This is shocking to me because I grew up going to Sunday school every week and thoroughly enjoyed the classes. I am thankful for my parents making this a priority and for the memories and lessons that have been so meaningful.

“The Truth" Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Here is a baker’s dozen on why to send kids to Bible school:

13. You Will Be On Time For Worship Service

Getting to worship service on time can be a challenge for families, so if you take your kids to Bible school, you will already be where you need to for worship service. Even if you are a little late for Bible school, please still plan on going! The time you invest in your child’s Christian education will prepare them when as they make critical decisions later on in life.

12. You Will Meet Other Parents That Value Bible School

Bible school gives you an opportunity to meet the parents of your children’s friends. Knowing the parents makes a huge difference and it’s great to have other Christian moms and dads to rely on.

11. Kids Love Bible School

This weekly class is not traditional school. Children don’t have to study for tests, do homework or stress about a grade. Most classes are structured to some extent, but the goal is to teach kids Christian concepts in a loving manner and have fun. Students get individual attention and kids that are brought to Bible school don’t often put up a fight when it’s time to leave for church.

10. Your Kids Will Make Friends With Appropriate Children

It doesn’t take long to be shocked by what some children talk about when I take my daughter to the park. I have quickly learned to seek out play dates more selectively. When I go to church, I know my daughter is going to be influenced by like-minded adults and children, so I don’t have to worry about her being exposed to something that is inappropriate. Can any other parents relate?

“The Truth" Luke 6:40 “A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.”

9. Kids Will Learn How to Teach

I can relate to this one because I have not had formal training as a teacher, but have comfortably taught Bible school for children as young as five through teenagers. Kids watch everything adults do and they are taking mental notes on how to teach and treat those around them.

8. Kids Are Immersed In Christian Songs, Stories And Activities

Children will remember the songs, stories and fun activities they experienced in Bible school and will look forward to attending church. Sure, they will most likely need to sit through the worship hour, but they will have already had the chance to catch up with their friends. Don’t be surprised if your child begins singing the songs from Bible school at home!

7. Children Learn How to Develop Friendships

This is similar to the one above, but developing friendships is a learned behavior. Social interaction is so important with children. Attending Bible school with the same children for even a month will help your child foster healthy friendships. It’s special to see the bonds the kids make and you can see a difference between friendships make at daycare or school and those they make while listening to Bible stories.

6. Concepts You Are Trying To Teach At Home Will Be Reinforced

I remember times growing up when concepts my parents were trying to teach me finally sunk in as I realized that what the adults around me said was consistent with the message of my parents. This happens as children go through stages and it makes parents feel like they are supported.

5. Respect is Taught and Shown

Some children are introduced to Bible school at just a few months old. Babies are too young to send to school, but it’s never too early to start instilling habits and showing infants and toddlers how to behave in a classroom setting. Children learn they need to respect what the Bible schoolteacher is saying and they are often corrected in a loving manner.

4. Students Receive Biblical Instruction That Is Focused On Their Level

Babies and pre-teens have different learning needs and many churches offer separate classes to break kids into different age groups. Classes incorporate activities, songs and concepts that will help kids learn at their level. There are not generally tests or exams, so children can focus on practicing the concepts.

3. Ideas Taught are Appropriate

Bible school teaches Christian topics and usually stick with Bible-related movies, songs and activities. This eases my mind in knowing that my daughter won’t be exposed to content that is not appropriate for her age. I can’t stress this enough with some of the surprising conversations I have heard with my daughter in public!

2. Volunteer Teachers Love their Job

One of the best parts about Bible school is how dedicated the teachers are. They are often volunteers and range for college students in their twenties to retired grandparents. Teachers spend an incredible amount of time preparing for their lessons and even purchase some of the materials out of pocket. They soon become very connected with the kids and are a crucial part of their Christian development.

1. Kids Learn Bible Verses and the Books of the Bible

As children grow, the Bible lessons will grow with them and many teachers begin incorporating learning the books of the Bible and certain Bible verses into the curriculum. Many adults are embarrassed by not knowing the books of the Bible in order or where popular verses are found, so why not instill this into our children when they are young? It will make their lives easier and there are some great songs to help them learn!

“The Truth" Psalm 32:8 “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.”

There are so many other benefits of taking your kids to Bible school and I encourage you to experience this yourself! It’s rewarding to watch your children enjoy going to church. Each church handles Sunday school a little differently, so talk to your elders, deacons, leaders, preacher, pastor – whoever you know is knowledgeable about the classes – to get an idea of how the classes are structured. If your church does not currently offer Bible school for kids, talk to the leaders and ask why. If there are other parents with children in your congregation, then it is likely that they are also interested in starting Bible school. I would love to hear your reasons for sending your kids to Bible school, so please share them below!

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 Resources- ESV Holy Bible, Youtube, Photo Credit: A. Moore (MooreALX) via Compfight cc



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